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I have been cooking from a young age it is my blood. My mum  trained chef in the 60s in Bournemouth and ended up in the infamous BBC Canteen. My paternal grandmother was a trained Cordon Bleu chef prior to the second world war . The photo above is from a Christmas too long ago and shows my age.


Kicking Coriander has been five years in development. It was originally as a hobby and gifted to friends. Then one friend suggested i should sell it.


I love cooking especially fresh, tasty food but I'm also a lazy cook, I'm very bad at following recipes (my Mum is worse!). Most Indian and Asian dishes predominately have ginger and garlic. I thought how could I cut out a few steps. 


I love how I came up with the name. My cousin gave me a massive pot of coriander. I was sat in my chair in the kitchen opposite the pot pondering a name. I had my legs crossed and I was pulsing one leg. Literally I was kicking the coriander.   

My first market was a local Christmas Market, ninety jars were sold within five hours. It was then another friend suggested trying online. Trust me this has been experience, I've learnt many lessons made many friends. Sometimes I have thought is this worth it, try Kicking Coriander and see what you think. 

I live in the Cotswolds with my two amazing children and a crazy cockerapoo. The children and friends have helped me try many recipes out.  I am luckily enough to be surrounded by friends and family.


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